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Marquis de Vauvenargues, a French moralist and essayist said that the greatest achievement of the human spirit is to live up to one’s opportunities and make the most of one’s resources.  My work experience as a research analyst, a school manager and a full time classroom teacher widened the horizon of my career and led me to pursue a study that will enable me to establish a business that would create jobs to people in my community.

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My initial job as a research analyst and laboratory manager at Biosphere 2 Center in Arizona provided me with the opportunity to design the CO2 control system and implemented new chemical procedures.  I was also given the task of supervising the research works and thesis of students in the undergraduate level.

Due to my desire to explore more avenues in the field of science, I moved to Columbia University in New York and worked as a laboratory manager and researcher.  In Columbia University, the task of managing and maintaining the laboratory of Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, a world class state of the art research institution specializing in the Earth sciences, sharpened my managerial skills.
As my task also included conducting data collection, analyses, interpretation and data reduction, my knowledge and skills in research and statistics was enhanced.  I developed good analytical and problem solving skills as well as communication and interpersonal skills through constant interaction with tenured faculty, accomplished scientist and highly motivated graduate students   I also designed and implemented new chemical procedures.
Although I grew up in India, I was fortunate to be given a rare opportunity to work in a prestigious university and laboratory center in the United States.  Although the transition was challenging, the experience was rewarding.  The administrative and research opportunities that were given to me in my first two jobs enriched my knowledge and skills but I felt a nagging call to share my knowledge.
Hence, I worked as an adjunct professor at Bergen Community College in New Jersey and eventually in Herman Ridder Intermediate School and Bronx Academy in New York.  My students became the recipients of the knowledge that I have gained from my previous exposure in a fully equipped and modernized laboratory.  As a full-time environmental science and mathematics teacher for grades 7-12 level, I was able to awaken the minds of students to appreciate mathematics.
As I taught them a number of ways to approach and solve mathematical problems, I also found out the source of their weaknesses and their lack of enthusiasm in the subject area.  Some could not solve complex problems due to lack of knowledge in the basic principles of mathematics.  Others never had a teacher who used games as a way to make students enjoy the subject.
Science and mathematics are closely related and I believe that the progress of the nation is partly dependent on the scientific discoveries and technological advancement that the future generation can offer.  Working with poorly motivated students with behavioral problems and those who were hostile and hopeless about their situation was very challenging.  The personal conviction to increase students’ achievement led me to organize an innovative volunteer program whereby students requiring assistance outside the classroom were tutored during lunch break.
I also identified student’s individualism and developed curriculum to accommodate their diverse learning styles and maximize their potentials.  To facilitate learning, a curriculum was developed to ease instruction of individual, small groups and classes of 40 students.  Open communication and close monitoring of student’s progress facilitated learning and improved academic achievements.
 Parental involvements in the academic and extra-curricular activities of students were strongly encouraged. Comprehensive mathematics and science learning resource were also created so students were able to take home and learn materials with their parents.
I had my last employment in Herman Ridder Intermediate School in New York where I was designated by the school principal to serve as a teacher and business manager due to my analytical and interpersonal skills.  I directly collaborated with the principal in acquiring educational materials and developing after school learning programs.
I have also worked on budgetary matters relating to the implementation of assigned programs and performed administrative functions in implementing budgetary programs, policies and procedures.  School and district budget were planned, reconciled and effectively managed.  My exposure in managing school finances led me to discover that I had talent for budgeting and managing small teams.  This has also confirmed my strong desire to focus my future career in business management.
Having a solid educational background in geology, earth and environmental science, and vast exposure and experience in the field of management, education, research and statistics in the United States and India, I would like to further my studies in Business Administration by being part of the graduate program in Rice University.
Backed by my knowledge and experience in data analyses, data interpretation, research background and strong quantitative skills, I want to have a stronger grasp of business management as I intend to be a Petroleum industry marketing and market research consultant after my graduate studies.
I was impressed with the sense of cooperation and team spirit between the faculty members and students of Rice University when I visited the campus twice and spoke with  Dr. Seetharaman and several students.  I believe that with the small class size, personal interaction with fellow students and faculty, hands on training and excellent program of Rice University, I will gain more exposure and experience in dealing with problems and issues related to the management of business in relation to Petroleum industry.
In the near future, I would like to serve my community by establishing a business so I can provide more jobs and contribute to the economy of the country.  This is the best time to pursue a Masters in Business Administration degree after gaining a vast experience in managing people with different background, attitudes, personality and academic achievement.
After being a stay at home dad for two years, I could not wait to go back to school this fall to further my studies and eventually work and in a competitive and challenging field.

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