Antimicrobial Resistance

Review the materials
Slideshow from World Health Organization (WHO) –
Infographics from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
1. How Antimicrobial Resistance Spreads: How-AR-Spreads.pdf
2. How Antimicrobial Resistance Works in the Microbe: How-Germs-Fight-Back-Against-Antibiotics.pdf
3. Genetic Transfer of Antimicrobial Resistance: How-AR-Moves-508.pdf
4. Antimicrobial Resistance in Healthcare Settings: AR-EverythingConnected-Settings-Healthcare-508.pdf
5. Antimicrobial Resistance in Community Settings: AR-EverythingConnected-Settings-Community-508.pdf
6. Antimicrobial Resistance in Agriculture: AR-EverythingConnected-Settings-Food-508.pdf

Click the link and read the CDC provided information on that microbe (once you have clicked the microbe link, you will see another link under “Learn More”. Be sure to click that link as well. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

Use these resources and your textbook to learn more about the microbe, the infection(s) it causes, and the specific issues related to its antimicrobial resistance. Complete the following by below
Construct a paragraph of ~ 7 – 10 sentences covering what you have learned about this microbe / infection from your reading.
Find a recent (2018 – 2020) substantive article related to the topic of antimicrobial resistance. Ideally this article might be about your microbe, but this may not be possible. The article should be a research article in a scientific journal or found in an epidemiology report such as MMWR, or a substantive news article in a general audience publication such as Scientific American, Discover, New York Times, NPR, or similar news media. Provide the link and write a summary, relating the information in the article to your previous reading or other Ch. 15 concepts. The summary should allow another person who has not read the article to have a good idea what the article is about.
Post a substantive question based your article which could form the basis for further exploration and learning. For more information on Antimicrobial Resistance read this:

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