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In the last assignment we started asking the question of how to solve problems within American society. Now,
let’s apply that to ourselves and our world. First of all, read this:
An Experiment in Love: Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Six Pillars of Nonviolent Resistance and the
Ancient Greek Notion of ‘Agape’
Martin Luther King, Jr talks about the six principles of nonviolence as a force of justice, supported by a
nonreligious form of spirituality. If we look deeper than society usually does, we see that violence, hate, and
anger is actually a more hidden problem with our dominant culture and our unwillingness to look at the larger
issue: a lack of humanity and caring for each other. Simply put, we need more care and love in our country
and world, especially for people who are different than us and those people who we may disagree with. So,
for this assignment, I’d like you to take what we did for Project 1, take the readings and videos for this project,
combine these with Martin Luther King, Jr’s six pillars of nonviolent resistance from the above link, then add in
all that with the mindfulness practice that we are doing, and come up with a way to cure violence, hate, and
anger in America (and our world).
The grade for the project depends on how successfully it:
• answers these two questions: How do we make others more caring and loving? How do we make
ourselves more caring and loving?
• starts off with an interesting fact, statistic, story, experience, etc. (be super creative initially, then get
• operates in a structured, logical pattern that is easy to follow
• effectively integrates four sources into your paper (you can use the videos and readings from this project or
any other source that you want to use)
• concludes with two calls to action: one for you and one for others
• makes sure each paragraph is related to your main ideas with topic/transition sentences
• uses correct grammar, syntax, and punctuation
• is between 500 – 700 words (no more and no less)
• works. If your text works, and works well, you can break any or all of the above rules
This project is worth 20 points. Good luck. Have fun.
Guidelines to How to Change
This assignment works on all the Student Learning Outcomes in the course syllabus.


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