Belmont Abbey Case Study

Belmont Abbey Case Study. Instructions Create a PowerPoint presentation and corresponding script (or speaker’s notes) that consists of the following bolded components: • Introduce the case. o Preliminary Introduction of the Case: Summarize the case for your team. Provide a synopsis of the Belmont Abbey case that enables the intended audience to understand the case, including events, stakeholders, and challenges that will be analyzed. • Use disciplines of learning organizations to analyze problems of practice. o Disciplines: Apply the lens of the four core disciplines (personal mastery, mental models, team learning, shared vision) to the case, and provide an analysis of the extent to which the discipline(s) reveals organizational dynamics and contributes either to organizational learning or to the organization’s problems. • Analyze the organizational disabilities and systems archetypes present in the case. o Systems Archetypes: Explain and map at least one example of a systems archetype can be seen in the case. Include at least one systems map as part of your presentation. • Recommend change management strategies for the organization based on the case. o Critical-Thinking Tools: Prior to suggesting change management strategies, demonstrate critical thinking tools to identify assumptions the stakeholders in the case may have made, and develop a set of questions you would ask to help the stakeholders in the case uncover their assumptions and clarify the steps needed for future progress. Reference Paul and Elder’s Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Learning and Your Life text in your comments. o Four-Stage Change Process: Describe and explain how the four-stage process could be used by the Belmont Abbey leaders to improve the strategic planning process that enhances the chances of success for one of the college’s initiatives. Explain how your set of questions would help uncover stakeholder assumptions and clarify steps needed for future progress. Refer to Stroh’s Thinking for Social Change text. • Propose an inquiry model to plan for next phase of organizational improvement. o Inquiry Cycle: Demonstrate and explain how an inquiry model such as ARPP/action research could be use by the college leadership to plan the next phase of improvement or change. o Recommendations: Provide a set of specific practical recommendations about how the president should proceed. Demonstrate how your recommendations align with the college’s mission, vision, and values.


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