Campaign Finance and the Media

Before you start this writing assignment, read Chapter 12.

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Your essay should address the following question, and give your answer to it:
What limits, if any, should there be on spending by a campaign or donations to a campaign in light of the phenomenon of dark money and Super Pacs?

Set up your essay in the following sections:

1. The first section of your essay should briefly summarize, in your own words, what you understand about Citizens United from Chapter 12. Hit the key points and explain what changed in campaign finance laws as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision. This section should take up about 20 percent of your overall assignment. Make sure to cite the page numbers from the book where appropriate.
2. In the second section of your essay, examine at least one relevant news report since 2010 involving campaign finance law. Maybe you will find an instance in which some outside interest spent millions to influence an election. Maybe you will find news stories about somebody in Congress or a state legislature proposing a change in the law in response to the Citizens United decision. Maybe you will find a thoughtful piece by NPR or another outlet on the increasing influence of money on elections. These are only suggestions; you are free to find your own sources. Be sure to clearly identify your source(s); use hyperlinks if possible. This section should take up about 40 percent of your overall assignment.
3. The third and final section should present your opinion on the question, tell why you feel that way, and consider counter arguments. This section should take up about 40 percent of your overall assignment.

-Generally, write in business communication style (third person). However, you are welcome to use first-person when the assignment asks for your perspective or opinion

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