Chapter summary

This assignment consists of two parts
Part 1:
Chapter review for chapters 9-13 I will include link to the textbook
Each summary should be 300 words totaling 1500 words, please indicate where each chapter starts and finishes
So all that needs to be done is Chapter 9 (300 words), Chapter 10 (300 words), Chapter 11 (300 words), Chapter 12 (300 words), and Chapter 13 (300 words). So a 300 word summary for each chapter.
Part 2: Please label this under video assignment I will attach the link to the video please just copy and paste it. Here are the instructions:
You have to explain the best way to deal with our anger and then give an example of how to handle it. Please mention his steps
Listen to how Dr. Rosenberg recommends handling our anger.
Then explain how to best deal with our anger–150 words
Give an example of how to handle our anger according to Dr. Rosenberg’s view.  Make sure you mention his steps

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