Child Psych Nature vs Nurture

The final paper is an APA style paper (4-5 pages) should be an expansion of one of the three previous Think Pieces. For example, if you chose the first Think Piece, you would return to the topic of innateness addressed in the first think piece; discuss how the behavior you chose initially (or a new one, if you’d like) relates to topics/material brought up during lectures and/or in readings assigned in the course. If you’ve changed your opinion on whether the behavior in question is innate or instinctive or not, and/or if you’ve changed your definition of these terms, elaborate on your change(s) of opinion and discuss the reasons why you’ve changed your mind. If you’re not certain about the answer, describe what experiment or experiments would need to be done to provide a suitable answer to the question. The paper should cite at least 4-5 credible, scientific sources (in APA style). Blogs, advertisements, and other non-scientific material do not count! For more information on Child Psych Nature vs Nurture read this:

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