Cultural Belief

For this essay you will be choosing a social practice or cultural belief in your own culture to describe and analyze.

The paper should be organized as follows:

First, describe your subject. Your subject is a practice (something you do) or a belief that you know about personally. This means you should have done the practice or have experience some part of it. For this first section, tell me what the practice/belief is: what do people do/think, are there specific ways to dress while doing this thing, are there certain ways of talking about this belief, does a special type of person act this way? I want you to give me details as if I was from another culture and had never heard of this practice/belief. You do not reference here. This is all from you. This section should be the majority of your paper.

Second, tell me WHY? Why do people do this or believe this? How does it benefit them or their group? Does it strengthen group ties? Is it an economic arrangement? Does it bring them power or status? Think Anthropologically! This section should be a paragraph or two.

Third, compare or contrast with another culture. This section should be a similar or contrasting example of a practice or belief from another culture or group. What do they do that is similar/dissimilar? Why do they do it? What is their reason for doing it that way? This section should only be two paragraphs or so. You need to reference (2 academic paper or online equivalent references) for this section. Please see the guide or use the system with which you are comfortable.

The paper will be 1000 words in length, typed, double-spaced and submitted on the day due or before. Your paper will be graded on content.

A note about references: Feel free to use Wikipedia as a resource to find proper references, but do not use it as a reference! Your two references should be academic resources (journals or books) found in either paper or online versions.

If you have any questions, please ask. Good luck. For more information on Cultural Belief read this:

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