How did political power and religious ideas affect one another?

How did political power and religious ideas affect one another? ● Narrow the broad question to an issue that you find significant in the specific texts/time/place which you are analyzing

Write a thesis that takes a stand on the issue you’ve identified, including all the parts of the thesis, as specified in the Writing Assignment Overview (opposition, subject, assertion, reasons)

Support the assertion with at least 3 reasons you draw from analyzing the text(s)

Support your reasons with evidence from the text(s): quote, paraphrase, and summarize the text(s) as needed to demonstrate your points

Consider and address an alternative view of the issue, the counterargument (opposition)

Cite your sources for all ideas and words you use from any source

Use primary source to support thesis (Metamorphosis) and secondary source can be used

Thesis format: Although X (counterargument), this paper will argue Y (thesis) because Reason 1, 2,3

Thesis should be a question you come up with that is related to the initial prompt: In the first few weeks of the quarter, MMW 12 explores socio-political transitions from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire along with major cultural changes, including the rise to dominance of Christianity over other religious beliefs in the Mediterranean world. Reflecting on such transitions, how did political power and religious ideas affect one another? Choose 1-2 texts from the assigned course readings in Weeks 1-3 for your MMW 12 lecture track to address this question, tailoring the question to the text(s) you choose. You will need to ground your analysis in one or two specific text(s), and focus your argument on those text(s).
include counter argument and rebuttal make sure to paraphrase many quoted from the primary source that can be used to support your thesis

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