I have writing assignment two pages assignment about my learning style:

Many students at the collegiate level face a challenge in learning  different concepts due to having a different learning style than that  used by the instructor. That being said, this assignment aims at  discussing your learning style and how it affects your classroom  experience. If you do not know your learning style, use the attached  learning style profile to find out exactly what that is, whether it is  visual, auditory, or tactile. Once you know your learning style, write a one to two pages that discusses your learning style. Examples include:

What is your sensory style? Do you notice classes that use this  style are better for you? How do you use this style in class? Explain.
A brief statement about your body’s reaction in learning situations.
The teaching style you prefer and why.
Are you internally or externally motivated, with examples and why you think this is.
How have you adapted classes to fit your learning style? Was it effective?

Your paper should be double spaced, 12 point font, and contain appropriate font. To  clarify, the paper itself is the assignment. The learning style profile  is just to help you see exactly what learning style or styles you have.

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