Personal Perspective

Compare and contrast the adjacent style periods in jazz of Bebop and Cool.
When and where did each style come into significance?
What are the ‘characteristics’ of each style?
Who were the most important figures in each style (and why)?
How was the music received by consumers?
How do each of these style periods reflect what was going on in this country at the time?
Give specific events/occurrences that reflect symbolize what the music was all about.


Written assignments must be submitted in 12 point type, Times New Roman, double spaced, with 1 inch margins on each side.

Minimum of 4 sources.

Personal perspective… For example, you may find ‘modern day’ parallels to the historic information you have researched. You might choose to play “What if…”, where you take a different perspective than what you discovered in your research.

Submissions must include a bibliography, citing the sources used in your research and writing. It is suggested that you go to the following website to
both generate your bibliography and to check your work for plagiarism:

For more information on Personal Perspective read this:

The post Personal Perspective appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Personal Perspective appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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