Smoking Should Be Banned

Four page essay(1200-1400 words), in which you effectively argue a position on a controversial issue IN THIRD-PERSON ONLY. Include 3 sources ( I have attached my annotated Bibliography and Outline for your reference). MUST have an introduction with a hook, a brief discussion introducing the controversy, and a clearly stated thesis that states a claim or argument that takes a position on the issue (the thesis should be the last sentence in the intro). FIRST body paragraph should acknowledge the oppositions view, fairly and accurately. This means you present (not argue and supportjust present) the main points of the oppositions view in third-person (NO FIRST-PERSON IN THIS ESSAY). BODY paragraphs of your essay should refute the main arguments of the opposition and support your thesis claim with solid evidence and appeals taken from your academic sources. You MUST introduce all of your sources correctly and quote at least once from each of your three sources. MLA FORMAT. DOUBLE SPACED. WORKS CITED PAGE. I have attached the assignment requirements from my professor, an annotated bibliography and outline. They all pertain to the paper so PLEASE READ them and include in the essay.

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