Sports Management (Managing my career)

This paper is about developing my career.
As you can see in the coursework brief, there are 3 tasks.

1. Task 1 is a three year postgraduate strategic plan (Produce a comprehensive and realistic postgraduate, three-year strategic plan), with using SMART objectives. I will upload the three year strategic plan template and can you write based on the template? (But not on the template, just write based on the questions). You can just make up  my goals or characteristics but make sure the job I want is related with SPORTS MARKETING or Sport Management (Example: Nike Or Adidas). Can you make sure answering all the questions?

2. Task 2:  I will do it myself so you don’t need to worry with this one

3. Task 3 is a self reflection upon my real job interview experience and One other area of either assessment centers, personal branding (self-marketing), job/employment
searching, or inter-cultural collaborative teamwork (e.g. X-Culture Project). When writing about real job interview experience, just write how the processes are,, The interview questions,,my answers,, all about reflecting job interview. it must include

Your reflection should include:
1. Critical analysis of the three areas;
2. Discussion on why self-reflection is important in career planning;
3. How you have embedded your self-reflection in the three areas to improve your SMART objectives, in order to support your three-year career plan.

I need several references between 10-20 regarding with the importance of self reflection (academic resources).

As each task 1 and task 2 weight 40%, it is important to write in detail.

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