SWOT Analysis of Hock Seng Lee

This demonstrates the level of trust and confidence the government in the ability of HAS Bertha to handle large scaled rejects. Starting as a dredging operating company, HAS has progressed over thirty years to become a leader in this engineering market field in Karakas. The company has technical expertise, qualified staff, a comprehensive portfolio of marine equipment and necessary official registrations and licenses. This includes the licenses of PACK, KIRK Class A and LOAD’S Register Quality Assurance SISSIES to enable the group in undertaking road projects of any size.
Besides that, HAS has both state (UPS) and national (PACK 67, ACID) accreditation. These are essential to perform most of the projects in Karakas. He’s move into building construction in the sass. It represents the completion of the Company’s evolution into a fully integrated construction company. HAS has launched several successful residential and commercial projects as well as undertaken construction contracts for residential quarters and school throughout Karakas. The company’s products have earned a reputation of being innovative in design and value for every ringing spent.
The Group’s move into property development has enlarged He’s operations and earnings base in the year 2000. He’s strong financial foundations offer flexible payment terms to clients and enable agitation in contracts on cash-kind combination terms. Another underlying strength in this business is the workforce of HAS Bertha. Employees are highly skilled with qualifications. Everyone is participating in intensive programs provided throughout the company. It motivates employees and improves their performance. Weakness The weakness of HAS Bertha is its inability to handle on smaller scale projects in the Karakas market.

The company’s expertise, skills, and standards of quality do not match the lower requirements and lower prices expected by some of the tenders. Company has to enlarge their scope of business to nationwide for further placement. HAS has many competitors, for example Cay Mat Karakas Bertha, Sunday Holdings Bertha, Ken Holdings and many more. Changing skills requirements and ageing workforce accentuates the skills gap. Training of new workforce becomes a challenge as well as a weakness of sorts for HAS. Opportunities The Malaysian economy is predicted to expand around 4-5 percent in 2012.
The construction sector is one of the key drivers. The Malaysia government highlights the country’s strong economic fundamentals, macroeconomic policies and launched the Economic Transformation Program (DEPT) as the domestic sources of growth during he coming years. HAS anticipates in the ongoing opportunities from these programs. HAS is Caraway’s market leader in land reclamation. The group has rapidly establishing itself as a key national player in the construction industry. The company major project for the coming years will be the migration of their information and technology systems.
For instances, the operating systems, software, web applications and existing file server to new higher performance and higher capacity servers. There are a lot of things to be done in Karakas to ensure all levels of society enjoy the nation’s industrialization process. In keeping with the fast pace of arbitration, He’s prospective projects are further in centralized sewerage works, flood mitigation works, affordable housing and educational institutions and projects for the main cities and rural communities.
HAS are eyeing building construction projects such as an educational institution in the future. The company is capable and mastering of the tunnel boring technology allowed HAS to propose for the involvement in the next packages of centralized sewerage project and flood mitigation in towns of Karakas. The Tenth Malaysia Plan (2011-2015) and the National Mission (2006-2015) overview eek to achieve balanced development within the nation. The Economic Transform Program (DEPT) is adding urgency to provide basic infrastructure to Caraway’s rural communities in greater connectivity across the state.
Therefore, HAS will align itself with abounding public policy and pursue infrastructure contracts such as water treatment and supply in the rural areas in Karakas. Karakas and the Malaysian federal government have been making commitments to upgrade and extend the road networks. In the Malaysia’s Vision 2020 and the Ninth Malaysia Plan, the government is offering an infrastructure budget of RMI B for Karakas. Thus, all these opportunities will lead HAS to grow into larger and stable corporate. Changes in the environmental values may also affect the company performance and strategy negatively.
Euro zone crisis had weakened the global economy. The impact had posed a greater threat to developing economies country such as Malaysia. The construction industries are in the doldrums and its contribution to the GAP figures would decline. Quick changes in the price of raw materials such as steels and cements can greatly impact the profitability of a given project to the company. HAS Bertha needs to arches huge amounts of raw material for its projects. Recently due to the international tensions, the prices of raw materials have increased sharply.

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