Theory of Architecture

Please answer to these questions from the texts and slides that I uploaded. Please keep the answers short, like two or three lines. Please keep the language simple. Also, please write the question in the paper as well.
Study questions for quiz M5
Where does the phrase such as “This will kill that” comes from? What did the author mean?
Explain Henry Labrouste’s design of the Library of Ste. Genevieve.
How do you understand the concept such as “architecture parlante?”
Explain Umberto Eco’s notion of architectural denotations and architectural connotations
Explain Venturi and Scott-Brown’s concept of the “decorated sign” and the “duck.”
How does Charles Sanders Peirce’s theory of semiotics helps to differentiate art from prosaic forms of communication?
How does the concept of unmotivated signs contributes to a better understanding of the neo-avant-garde?
Explain the concept of the “landscraper.”
Give example of architectural projects (ancient and contemporary) where architecture and landscape are especially intertwined.
Explain the notion of the “smooth” and the “striated.”
How does Aaron Betsky explains his notion of the “Queer Space?” For more information on Theory of Architecture read this:

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