What innovations can help to ensure the future of the travel industry?

Due to Covid-19, all industries have been affected, however, the tourism industry in particular is suffering as borders closed to avoid the spread of infections. Tourism is one of the largest industries worldwide and employs directly and indirectly a large proportion of the workforce. The question is, how will travelling change due to Covid-19, and other possible future threats, and what innovations can help to ensure the future of the travel industry? You are required to identify and develop a new entrepreneurial opportunity in the marketplace that is directly or indirectly linked to travel and tourism. Furthermore, you will also need to engage in research for relevant data and information to support your startup development. The entrepreneurial opportunity (startup) can be for a new or advanced product or service for the travel and tourism industry or supporting industry. First, you will need to research trends and Covid-19 issues related to the travel and tourism industry. You can also use some of the links below to get some ideas and develop your own startup idea. You can base your startup idea on an existing idea. Therefore, focus on something small and manageable, and help the tourism industry in Darwin or other parts of Australia. To start your entrepreneurial opportunity development, you need to research and discuss relevant trends, industry and consumer aspects as these will be the basis of the opportunity assessment. You need to focus your research and opportunity assessment on the travel and tourism industry and problems caused through Covid-19. Based on the identified problem and developed startup solution, including revenue model, you are required to develop your startup business model using the Lean Canvas. Please provide the lean canvas as a separate file (A4 landscape format, not portrait!). Please use the provided template to make the lean canvas. Scroll down to see the report structure. Report structure 1. Introduction (approx. 150 words) 2. Proposed startup idea (approx. 300 words) 3. Trends and opportunity assessment (approx. 700 words) 4. Trends and opportunity assessment (approx. 700 words) 5. Reflection Harvard style (approx. 400 words) 6. Conclusion (approx. 150 words) 7. Appendices – In numbered appendices, you can place your business model canvas, value proposition canvas (if you created one), and any data or information that provides further detailed insights into aspects discuss in the main text. Please note, images or figures that are part of your discussion in the text should directly be placed in the main text. Appendices are for additional – more detailed or background – information only

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